LuckyCrush Chat Site Leads Wildlife Fundraiser

The LuckyCrush naked tiktok site has just launched its online fundraiser, and it’s already raised over $2.3 million in donations from the people who use the site to win prizes for chatting with friends and strangers from around the world. The fundraiser will continue until the end of October, but this is a great opportunity […]

13 Facts on Biodiversity

What is Biodiversity Biological diversity or biodiversity is the term used to describe the range of living things with which we share the planet. The conservation of biodiversity is not only about looking after our rare species and their habitats, it is about the conservation of the complete variety of life. This involves managing the […]


Description The marsh fritillary is a strikingly patterned, yellow, brown and orange butterfly. It is a medium-sized, rather weak-flying species on the wing in late May and June and overwintering in its larval (caterpillar) state. In late summer, the small black caterpillars weave a communal web where they shelter and foray to eat leaves of […]


Description This fungus belongs to an attractive group of fungi called the waxcaps, which are often very brightly-coloured. They are typically associated with unimproved grassland and are in decline throughout Europe. Usually appearing between August and October, the pink meadow cap is a soft pink colour, conical in shape with a pointed tip. Its stem […]

Bog Meadows Reserve – All You need to know

Location Grid Ref: J 312 726 OS 1:50,000 sheet 15 The 19 ha (47 acre) Bog Meadows nature reserve lies close to the heart of Belfast city, adjacent to the M1, Milltown Cemetery and St. Louiseā€™s College. It is made up of wetland, meadow and woodland habitats. The wheelchair-friendly reserve is accessible via Milltown Row, […]

Irish Hare – Lepus Timidus Hibernicus Preview of Specie

The Irish Hare is a creature that has particular resonance with Ulster Wildlife Trust members. As an endemic subspecies of the Mountain or Blue Hare, it symbolises the special nature of our wildlife in Ireland. Originally depicted in the Trust logo, it still features in the name and masthead of our newsletter. The Irish hare […]

Basking Shark, Cetorhinus Maximus – Specie Description

The basking shark is the second largest fish in the world and the largest that can be found in UK waters. Yet, despite its size, it presents no threat to humans as it feeds only on tiny animal plankton. In the UK, the basking shark has been recorded mainly in surface waters from April to […]

Benefits of Wildlife Conservation Projects Ulster Wildlife Trust Example

The Landfill Tax Credit Grant Scheme Since 1997, the Ulster Wildlife Trust has enabled many community groups, societies, associations and environmental organisations to undertake environmental projects by providing funding through the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme. Landfill Tax is a ‘green’ tax. It aims to reduce dependency on landfilling as a way of dealing with waste […]

Conservative Jobs Case Studies: Ulster Wildlife Trust Job Opportunities

The Ulster Wildlife Trust offers a number paid and unpaid positions for people committed to doing something practical to help their local environment. Unpaid opportunities include weekend volunteer activities on nature reserves and work experience placements, as well as longer term volunteer posts. To support our work with volunteers, please make a secure donation now. […]

Youth Education and Wildlife Opportunities

As part of our aim to help everyone to recognise the importance of a healthy environment, the Ulster Wildlife Trust delivers a range of youth and education programmes.Ulster Wildlife Trust Our education and youth activities help young people develop an understanding of the environment, focusing on conservation of local habitats and wildlife and on our […]