Youth Education and Wildlife Opportunities

As part of our aim to help everyone to recognise the importance of a healthy environment, the Ulster Wildlife Trust delivers a range of youth and education programmes.
Ulster Wildlife Trust

Our education and youth activities help young people develop an understanding of the environment, focusing on conservation of local habitats and wildlife and on our responsibilities as individuals and communities. Activities normally last around two hours, but individual needs are catered for depending on age, ability and the proposed venue. All programmes include ice-breaker activities, scene-setting talks, active and reflective activities and interactive games.

The Trust operates a Child Welfare and Safety Policy, ensuring that all group activities are adequately supervised by an appropriate number of fully trained and vetted Trust staff and group leaders.

Site-based activities are delivered at the Trust’s head office, the Ulster Wildlife Centre in Crossgar, at Delamont Country Park and at the Bog Meadows nature reserve in Belfast and other Trust reserves.

Mobile education programmes include a travelling exhibition called the Wildlife Wagon as well as Walk on the Wildside which is delivered in school or community grounds, local parks, or in the case of Marine Walk on the Wildside, at suitable shoreline locations. Schools in partner areas can also be visited by the Community Environmental Education Programme.

Other activities, programmes or services available include:

Walk on the Wildside
Wild About Waste
Environment, Food and Farming – UWT at Greenmount
Delamont Country Park
Community Environmental Education Programme (CEEP)
Wildlife Watch
Youth Action Projects

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