Here are some of the events for activities to join
Girl at launch day
Meadow Event
Sowing seeds

The Ulster Wildlife Trust is working to secure a healthy environment for people and wildlife. We recognise that we will not achieve this alone, and that by helping other local organisations and individuals, we can broaden enthusiasm and increase local action for wildlife and biodiversity.

Local interest and action for the environment is vital for ensuring that we all have a healthy future. In a world where many people are too busy to appreciate the importance of the environment, we see grassroots involvement as key to engaging people with nature.

Few people now regard a healthy local environment as a luxury -it is integral to what makes our towns and cities worth living in. A poor quality, unsafe, or inaccessible local environment often seriously reduces people’s quality of life. The answer is to provide healthy local environments that are cared for, used by local people and rich in nature and wildlife.

We currently support community action throughout Northern Ireland in various ways.

Wildlife Guardian Network
Landfill Tax Credit Scheme