Benefits of Wildlife Conservation Projects Ulster Wildlife Trust Example

The Landfill Tax Credit Grant Scheme

Since 1997, the Ulster Wildlife Trust has enabled many community groups, societies, associations and environmental organisations to undertake environmental projects by providing funding through the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme.

Landfill Tax is a ‘green’ tax. It aims to reduce dependency on landfilling as a way of dealing with waste by taxing waste and therefore making environmentally sustainable alternatives, such as recycling, more viable. An added bonus of the tax, is that a small amount of the tax can be reclaimed to be contributed to an environmental organisation, where it must be spent on environmental projects to offset some of the adverse environmental impacts of landfilling.

Projects, which include recycling, environmental education and habitat creation, must comply with the scheme.

This Ulster Wildlife Trust has supported this grant scheme since it started, helping us attain the key objective of protecting habitat and biodiversity by helping reduce the amount of potential pollutants going into landfill thereby diminishing damage to air, soil, rivers and lakes.

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