Conservative Jobs Case Studies: Ulster Wildlife Trust Job Opportunities

The Ulster Wildlife Trust offers a number paid and unpaid positions for people committed to doing something practical to help their local environment. Unpaid opportunities include weekend volunteer activities on nature reserves and work experience placements, as well as longer term volunteer posts.

To support our work with volunteers, please make a secure donation now. This work is vital for the Trust in seeking an Ulster rich in wildlife – and gives many people important skills and experience in conservation, administration and education.
Ulster Wildlife Trust

As well as the posts listed on the web site volunteer opportunities are available in a number of other areas including gardening, reserve gardening, tree seed collection and helping at events.

Before we do a profound plunge into the preservation work market, we should rapidly address what we characterize as a protection work?

For Conservation Careers, a protection work is any job where your exercises help the preservation or upgrade of untamed life.

This incorporates occupations which straightforwardly advantage untamed life preservation like a Project Officer for a marine secured region in Fiji. It likewise incorporates jobs which in a roundabout way advantage biodiversity preservation endeavors, for example, a Communications Manager job, whose work is it to raise the profile of a protection association, so that staff, for example, their Project Officer can will work securing that Fijian marine hold.

In the event that the job helps preservation endeavors, it’s a protection work.

Preservation Career Stories and Careers Advice

We’ve addressed more than 400 expert protectionists and shared their profession stories, exhortation, tips and significantly more in our vocation guidance article and in our Conservation Careers web recording. These incorporate preservation pioneers, for example,

RSPB Chief Executive | Dr Mike Clark

WWF Director General | Dr Marco Lambertini

BirdLife International Chief Executive Officer | Patricia Zurita

ZSL Director General | Dominic Jermey OBE

IUCN Director General | Julia Marton-Lefèvre

Cambridge University Chair of Conservation Biology | Professor Bill Sutherland

On the off chance that you need to understand what it resembles to work in various protection occupations, and how you can emulate their example, you can look through our preservation vocations guidance chronicles, and buy in to our ordinary digital recording on iTunes, Spotify or Stitcher.

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