3 Texting Games You Play With Your BFF’s

So you’re not entirely sure how your texts and group chats turned into one complete joke of a game, but it helps you get through your daily struggles. You’ve created your distinct language and find one another hilarious. Wondering why you and you friends aren’t famous comedians yet.

You know you’ve reached a stable place in the friendship when your communication consists of pictures and three letter phrases explaining everything.

Emoji Game:

Why describe your emotions through words when you can quickly send little faces that are mimicking your overdramatic facial responses?

Not only can you make an entire sentence out of these little things but can create an overall picture such as a balloon floating way up into the clouds with a little man running after it. Don’t know who came up with such brilliant concepts but it’s so entertaining that they are coming out with more of them weekly.

Are text messages complete if you don’t include an emoji? No, they are not, or you’re just plain boring. I dare you to try and think of a time where your messages don’t incorporate at least one emoji within the entire thread. You probably can’t because they make you much more exciting and dramatic even though you’re laying silently in bed.

GIFS Game:

Now your texting game is even stronger because you can look up your favorite characters and actors and have them respond for you. Whether you’re overly excited, angry or emotional, there is a perfect GIF out there waiting for you to use it in your time of need.

You’ve reached a new level of friendship if you can get your point across by just sending GIF’s all day, without wondering if your BFF picked up what you were putting down.

Acronyms Game:

Like, “omg” “wtf” is wrong with him. Those are only some of the basic acronyms that have ended up being casual responses, but you’d be surprised how creative texters can get. If you’re an avid texter, your messages turn into one huge code that no one will ever be able to crack because your reasoning for them are so ridiculous, you’re a little embarrassed.

But you don’t care because you can have full on conversations with responses such as “ELOL” which apparently means “evil laugh out loud” admitting you’ve done something questionable, with not so many words.

Also pretty sure that it takes more time typing in the weird letters together than the correct spelling, but there’s nothing fun in that.

Your older family members might get a little confused when you accidentally send them your texting codes, causing them actually to call you. You deny the call because who talks on the phone anymore? Instead, you respond with an apology, completely changing the subject because you don’t have time to explain your “FOMO” text when they’re going out for ice cream.
Pictures really are worth more than a thousand words.

Want to learn more about texting games? Check out the video below!