3 Bar Games You Need To Play

Yes, the bars are for adults, but we all know that adults are big kids with money that still enjoy games. These games are mediocre but a hell of a lot more fun when there is alcohol involved.

A good way to make a little flirty bet with a cutie you’ve kept your eye on all night to spice things up a little. Also, an easy way to make some easy cash or get free drinks if you are just exceptionally good at throwing things.


Now this might seem a little dangerous, throwing sharp objects across the room when you’re highly intoxicated but that’s why it’s a favorite at bars. You feel empowered when you hit the board, even if its nowhere near the bullseye because you were seeing three of them with your blurred vision.

This is your chance to gain the courage to finally talk to someone attractive and ask them to be your partner. If you’re slightly embarrassed, you missed the board entirely just blame it on the alcohol even if you’re not the slightest bit drunk.


You want your puck to kiss the edge of your opponent’s side of the table so why not choose a candidate you ought to kiss?

Perfect game to show off your puck sliding skills but who likes a showoff? Nobody, so settle down. This can be a one-on-one game, giving you more of an opportunity to flirt the entirety of the match. Or make sure you partner up with your crush, so you have an excuse to get closer when trying to “help” them determine which puck is winning.


Watch out; there are some pool sharks out there, especially the girls who pretend they don’t even know how to hold the pool stick. Perfect game to get your partner in crime and round up two potential hook ups for a doubles game.

This game lasts awhile so you have plenty of time to start a conversation and build up some sexual tension between turns. Instigate a wager to keep it interesting because everyone loves a little challenge and winning even more.

All of these games entail a partner or multiple players so get out of your comfort zone and ask anyone you think will be a fun opponent! Not only will could you win a bet but you might end up getting lucky, killing two birds with one stone.

While many of you will play against your crush, switch it up by playing against your PIC so you can be competitive with them and sweet to your partner. A good way to work together and see how much chemistry you have before the night ends.

A little piece of advice when you play these. Learn how to laugh at yourself because games should be fun, whether you win or lose. Just because you have a few drinks in you doesn’t mean you have to take the seriousness of these bets to the next level because you’ll end up getting kicked out and scaring your crush away.

Check out the video below for more information!